I enjoy being part of the creative process of making music.  So much so I decided to open up my home to help other people make music.  Although I take the creative process very seriously, I am in it to have fun.  The thought of someone not being able to preserve their musical art due to cost is troubling to me.  This is a pay whatever you want/can system (subject to change in the future). That could be $20, a guitar pedal, or a plate of cookies, but it’s not free.  I find people don’t try as hard when it’s actually free.  I want you to be incentivised to give your best performance possible.  I strive to make it a comfortable atmosphere, you can grab a guitar and go outside, jump in the lake, or take a kayak out, whatever gets your creative juices going. If you’re interested, there are some things that you should be aware of: (1) this is a house, people live here, we will likely (most assuredly)  get interrupted, and there’s a good (100%) chance my dog will bark during your best take, (2) I have a day job (this studio certainly doesn’t pay for all the gear), scheduling will be worked accordingly, (3) I engineer and mix, I am not a producer (I can recommend others if this is what you’re looking for).  Right, if none of those things scare you off, feel free to reach out.